Below is a list of Support Professional (non-attorney) positions at the Queens District Attorney’s Office. Please click on an opening in the list to view details and apply.

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TitleLocationDepartmentJob Type ▴
Administrative Coordinator, Discovery Compliance Kew Gardens, NYLegalN/A
Case Analyst/Trial Preparation Assistant (TPA), Conviction Integrity UnitKew Gardens, NYLegalN/A
Clerical Assistant, Intake BureauKew Gardens, NYClient ServicesN/A
Computer Service TechnicianN/AInformation TechnologyN/A
Court Aide, Intake and Assessment BureauN/ALegalN/A
Crime Victims Advocate Kew Gardens, NYClient ServicesN/A
Crimes Against Revenue Financial Analyst, Frauds BureauKew Gardens, NYClient ServicesN/A
Data Voice EngineerKew Gardens, NYInformation TechnologyN/A
Elder Abuse Social WorkerN/ALegalN/A
Graphic Designer Kew Gardens, NYN/AN/A
Hotline Operator/Rackets Investigator Kew Gardens, NYDetective BureauN/A
IT Data Entry Analyst Kew Gardens, NYInformation TechnologyN/A
IT DevOps CoordinatorKew Gardens, NYInformation TechnologyN/A
IT DevOps EngineerKew Gardens, NYInformation TechnologyN/A
Information Technology Security Manager Kew Gardens, NYInformation TechnologyN/A
Intelligence Analyst, Crime Strategies UnitKew Gardens, NYLegalN/A
Investigative Accountant Kew Gardens, NYLegalN/A
Maintenance Clerk N/AOperationsN/A
Office Services Assistant Kew Gardens, NYOperationsN/A
Receptionist - Security Desk Kew Gardens, NYOperationsN/A
Reporter/StenographerKew Gardens, NYLegalN/A
Senior Application Developer N/AInformation TechnologyN/A
Senior Application Developer Kew Gardens, NYInformation TechnologyN/A
Senior Database Administrator N/AInformation TechnologyN/A
Senior Rackets InvestigatorKew Gardens, NYOperationsN/A
Spanish InterpreterKew Gardens, NYLegalN/A
Supervising Rackets Investigator Kew Gardens, NYOperationsN/A
Timekeeper Kew Gardens, NYHuman ResourcesN/A
Trial Preparation Assistant N/ALegalN/A
Trial Preparation Assistant (Court Part), Intake and Assessment Bureau Kew Gardens, NYLegalN/A
Trial Preparation Assistant , Crime Strategies & Intelligence Unit N/ALegalN/A
Trial Preparation Assistant , Intake and Assessment Bureau Kew Gardens, NYLegalN/A
Trial Preparation Assistant, Appeals BureauKew Gardens, NYLegalN/A
Trial Preparation Assistant, Foil and Civil Litigation Unit Kew Gardens, NYLegalN/A
Trial Preparation Assistant, Legal TrainingKew Gardens, NYLegalN/A
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